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About Us

Welcome to CraftMe,
The next generation of the online art and craft shopping experience! 

It took our team of professional developers, eCommerce experts and marketing teams, more than 2 years of hard work, just to bring you the most advanced online eCommerce marketplace in the world. Enjoy it! is the most elegant, simple and affordable online retail platform aimed at providing businesses with easy to use eCommerce solutions, taking the challenge out of setting up and managing eCommerce store-fronts.

CraftMe's scalable and flexible full featured platform enables any size business to efficiently launch and operate an online retail presence with ease. Our system releases you from the need to build a bespoke website, which can be an expensive and complex project for a small entrepreneur like you.

          Roy Rodriguez Founder      "Our small and medium businesses play a critical part in our economy, its important to acknowledge and celebrate organisations and individuals who help our small businesses maximise their potential"

John Key- New Zealand Prime Minister with CraftMe founder, Roy Rodriguez

So what is all about?

We are a team of creative- and handmade-enthusiasts who are excited to welcome you to the CraftMe family.

Before we begin, let's make sure that we can work together. Below are the requirements in order to sell your handcrafted goods on CraftMe. If you still have a question after reading through the guidelines, feel free to contact the CraftMe team.

What qualifies as “handmade” or “handcrafted” on CraftMe?

Handmade is defined as “Made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality”.

Since there are various levels of skill and talent in the handmade world, it is challenging to put exact parameters on the word. As long as handmade intervention is in place, and the final product is not made by a manufacturer but by a lone artist with a very small team, we want to support those creative types.

At CraftMe it is important that we are inclusionary of all levels of talent, skill, ability and background. We want to celebrate the variety of artists around the globe, which is shared in CraftMe’s handmade guidelines.

Can I sell my products on CraftMe?

CraftMe is a free marketplace for handmade and design. As long as your item are handcrafted by you or your small team, you are able to sell your handmade work on CraftMe.

What products are allowed on CraftMe?

Handcrafted or handmade items.

Up-cycled or repurposed products.

Prints, photographs, digital prints and screen-printed goods.

We understand at times goods of this nature are not always able to be completely handmade by the shop owner on CraftMe and may require to be printed by an outside source.

What products are not allowed on CraftMe?

Reselling of products that are not created by the shop owner.

Manufactured products.

Read more about our prohibited items here.

Blatant copyright infringement.

Any products that do not fit within CraftMe’s requirements will be questioned and the shop owner will be contacted, with the potential of the shop being shut down.

If you ever identify products that don’t fit within CraftMe’s requirements you can contact the CraftMe team, by reporting the item. Simply click on the report an item button on the item page.

What are CraftMe’s fees?

Absolutely no fees policy- All CraftMe members are able to set up a branded shop and list products for free.

Once listed, you choose the listing time of your item. Expired products can be automatically relisted for 50 more times for free.

Unlike others, CraftMe does not charge any fee once a sale is made. Some other websites charge you 5%, 7% or even 10% of the total sale price.

CrafMe is the first and only marketplace in the world to be FREE- with zero fees policy!

How do I become a seller on CraftMe?

Setting up a CraftMe shop is simple and takes less than five minutes. Below are the step-by-step directions on how to create an account on CraftMe.

To get your CraftMe account started, you will need to register with CraftMe. You don’t need any credit cards details in order to sell on CraftMe.

Once you are registered, log in to your account. Once you are logged in to your account you will be taken to the dashboard of your account. You are able to view any purchases you have made and edit your profile on your dashboard.

You can open your free store, or start selling without a store. Store owners can write more about their store, policies and their brand. Be more professional and design your store, upload a logo, and share your links.

How to setup your shop?

Choose your shop plan, save, and enable your store.

Enter your shop details, choose a name, and enter a short description for google.

Description: Enter any details about your shop, how you craft your products, your inspiration, and general info.

When selecting your store or item name be sure to include enough descriptive information. Your item name is important for SEO. Both CraftMe’s search functionality and search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo!) heavily depend on the product name. Descriptive and accurate item and store names will lead to more views. If you need advice for your product name, contact the CraftMe team.

For additional questions, please feel free to review CraftMe’s FAQs.

View Your Sales

All sales from your shop are listed here. You will find order and shipping details in this section. You also have the ability to include a tracking number with your order on this page, which will be sent to your customer once you click “Send to Customer”. Please note that the tracking number must be only numbers, no spaces or dashes.

CraftMe Sale Alert

When a sale is made on your CraftMe shop you will receive an email notification from In order to ensure that your messages do not wind up in spam, please add to your email's "safe list". Your CraftMe dashboard will also reflect this information.

Relist Your Product. Once a product sells or expires on, you can easily relist your product – for free!

If you still have questions that were not answered during your shop set-up process, please feel free to review CraftMe's FAQs. If you still have a question, please email the CraftMe team.

We are very excited to get to know you and your work, sign up now and start selling your handmade today!


This is what Roy Rodriguez,, Founder and Manager, has to say: 

"Over the years I've helped thousands of small businesses in Australia & New Zealand with business solutions. Surprisingly, I've discovered that people believe that if they have great products or services these will sell simply because they are there.

However in reality what is actually required is the ability to market and to reach the right customers. This raises the question of how to do it.

We are in the information age and every business needs a presence on the Internet. Most businesses consider building a website but soon discover that it is not that easy, fast or affordable. Usually they end up spending thousands of dollars just on building and hosting a simple website that does not have complex functionality.

Moreover, if you look at turning this website into an e-commerce site, consider doubling the cost. What most website design companies tend to hide is the need to advertise your site afterwards, and the costs this campaign involves.

Here at CraftMe we bring people together, so they can find you, your products and services easily. What we do is make creating websites for every small company affordable and stress free.

It takes less than five minutes to create your own online store. Opening a store with CraftMe releases you from the complexity of building and managing a website for your company, making your life easier.

We give you total control over your content: you design your store-front with colours, fonts, tables, media, YouTube videos and flash animations. At the end of the sale you can accept Visa card payments, issue invoices with your details and track customers' orders.

All of this with no long term commitment or expensive consulting expenditure. To learn more about how to open your store, please visit CraftMe Stores.

We unleash the power of the Internet at a very affordable price, by creating the largest FREE online handmade shopping marketplace in the world. We have invested thousands of hours and immense funds in the development of our platform, business strategies and marketing campaigns just to bring you the best online shopping experience.

We have packed in CraftMe so many great features that you must try it!

We are very proud of the results and we are so determined to make it work, that we have decided to make the website FREE. CraftMe is the first FREE handmade marketplace in the world.

We are totally free: no listing fees, monthly membership fees, or end of sale commission fees.

If you haven't registered yet, do it now by clicking on Register. It takes less than five minutes to get your store up and running., ABN: 80842477372 recorded on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's. We are not financed by big overseas tycoons or by large media monopolies. We are a young Kiwi team (100% privately owned by New Zealanders) and unlike others we aim to remain so. All our investments come from our lifesavings; we do not want any external investors, venture capital companies or overseas tycoons to take over our business."

So here's to happy shopping and a prosperous life,

Roy Rodriguez, MBA

CraftMe Founder and Manager

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